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E-Bike News — New Product

Electric Bikes Sussex just got faster…

Posted by Graham Rowe on

Electric Bikes just got Faster.......  Instead of the 25kph (15.6mph) maximum assistance of a standard Electric Bike, a Speed Pedelec can now offer assistance up to 45kph (28mph)!

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PedalSure - Insurance for Cyclists!

Posted by Lucy Rowe on

We know how much our customers love and value their Electric Bikes! A question we are commonly asked by both customers and potential customers is security, and how to keep their prized possession safe. Strong locks, clever parking and keeping your bike close are some of our top tips. We have been looking for Bike Insurance suppliers to offer our customers for some time now. Most bike insurance companies don’t offer the best of cover for such a high value product and would usually only insure the bike, not the rider. PedalSure Offer a range of insurance policies for not...

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Hövding’s airbag for cyclists now available for the first time in Brighton!

Posted by Lucy Rowe on

Hövding, the Swedish airbag for cyclists, is available to purchase in Brighton for the first time exclusively at Electric Bikes Sussex. We will be holding a launch event with representatives from Hövding, at midday on April 10th.  This will include some live ‘activations’ of the Airbag so please do come down and join us. Cycling Safely is something close to all of our hearts - and heads!! Below is some information about the product. Hövding, the Swedish company behind the revolutionary cycling airbag, has announced a partnership with Electric Bikes Sussex, the market leading electric bike store in Brighton. Launched in 2012, Hövding...

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