E-Bike News — Pedelec' and the law

Electric Bikes Sussex just got faster…

Electric Bikes Sussex just got faster… 1

Electric Bikes just got Faster.......  Instead of the 25kph (15.6mph) maximum assistance of a standard Electric Bike, a Speed Pedelec can now offer assistance up to 45kph (28mph)!

Electric Bikes - The Law 1

Happily, the UK harmonised it's legislation during 2015 to be consistent with European Legislation. This now provides a clear European wide definition of an Electric Bike, more formally known as a: "Pedelec" and often shortened to eBike.

As the name suggests, the modern Electric Bike combines Pedalling and Electrical Assistance.  In addition to the regulations for normal bikes, like having brakes etc, there are some further requirements that must be complied with to meet the "Pedelec" definition. In simple terms these are:

  • The Motor must not give more than 250w of help (Powered assistance)
  • The Powered assistance must cease at 25 KPH (15.6 MPH) 
  • You may only receive Powered Assistance when pedalling.

NB: This eliminates the older "Twist & Go" bikes from the Pedelec definition.

See our Blog article on Speed Pedelecs for Bikes that can exceed these requirements - although they are then Mopeds in law.

Rest assured, nearly all Electric Bikes sold by Electric Bikes Sussex fully meet the European Legislation (EN15194) and are therefore formally Pedelecs.  

We strongly advise that you check this is true for any Electric Bike you're considering, as failure to do so, places you firmly on the wrong side of the Law. In the event of any accident, this could prove extremely costly.  Sadly, there are various myths aimed at selling you an illegal eBike. If you're in any doubt, please ask us, or your local Trading Standards Authority who will assist as appropriate. 

On a more positive note, the benefits of having a Pedelec are considerable and are leading to large numbers of people enjoying cycling again. This is great for individuals, their health and happiness, but is also great for Society with the reduction in pollution levels, easing of congestion and parking issues.

Get your Electric Bike now and join the revolution.  

Happy Cycling from the team at: Electric Bikes Sussex