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Sussex Pedelec Club April Ride Out

Posted by Lucy Rowe on

As requested from the powers that control these things, the first Sussex Pedelec Club ride out of 2016 took place in gorgeous sunshine. Initially planned as a leisurely ride along the seafront, the attendees were not as numerous as expected and those present decided that an Off-Road ride over the South Downs was more desirable. So off we headed, with a quick hop from the Marina to East Brighton Park, whereby we headed uphill – the first chance to be ever so grateful for the Electric Bike support, even on Eco mode. Cresting over the Racecourse we headed on the...

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The Winora eLoad comes to (save) Brighton & Hove.

Posted by Graham Rowe on

For the "Movers" amongst us:  from Children; to Parcels; Cleaners to Care Workers, Delivery Drivers to Deli Owners; Pharmacists to Retailers; Estate Agents, Surveyors or anyone else that needs to get around the City with some luggage.  The Winora eLoad is now available at Electric Bikes Sussex. With a load capacity of 180Kg in a format that can be adapted and the Bosch Performance Line Motor, the Winora eLoad comes with a specification that is very "Fit for Purpose".   Inspired by the "Cycling Cities Europe" initiative, of which Brighton & Hove represents the UK, the objective is to make businesses...

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The Nyon System

Posted by Jake Rowe on

What is Nyon? Nyon is the top of the range display system that Bosch developed to interface with Bosch powered electric bikes. It integrates with the battery and motor and provides data to control the Bike and inform your ride. What’s so special about Nyon? Many factors make the Nyon system special. Firstly the Nyon display is bigger and clearer than the standard Intuvia system and it has a lot more features! For example Satellite Navigation ability, a Fitness Trainer, the ability to link to your Smartphone (including charging), it also gives comparative data to demonstrate the financial and ecological...

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