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AXA Toucan 80

  • £8250

The AXA Toucan has been specially designed to be secure an easy to use whilst looking good on cool city bikes.



  • The AXA Toucan is of the quality you are used to from AXA. The lock is made from tempered steel and is resistant to cutting and pulling. Your bike is safely locked and you need no longer worry about whether or not it will still be where you left it. While designing the lock, the decision was made to make the lock in two colours, which gives it a cool and contemporary look.
  • The lock unfolds smoothly due to the individual links, no complicated manoeuvres required to lock your bike. The AXA Toucan is easy to slide in and out of the holder. The holder is attached in such a way that it can never get in the way when you are riding the bike.
  • Extra keys can be ordered for both versions of the AXA Toucan. AXA is the only supplier who produces and sends keys themselves. This means we can offer fast service and security.
  • An extra key can be ordered at axabikesecurity
  • Safety index 9
  • Hardened steel
  • Easy to take with you (incl holder)
  • International key service
  • Cylinder protected agaist dirt
  • Length 80 cm
  • 4 shackles
  • Multiple mounting possibilities

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