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Rixen & Kaul Wicker Doggy Basket & Bracket

Rixen & Kaul Wicker Doggy Basket & Bracket

  • £16995

This pet basket for bicycles has many new ideas. No annoying leather straps to close. Two special hinges and the KLICKfix closure allow a very comfortable handling. The top cage is completely detachable. The adjustable hood allowes plenty of air and light access and gives good protection against wind, sun and rain. All the sides can be closed completely. With washable cushion, reflector and handle.

  • Comes with the KG804 retrofit coupling set.
  • Designed to be used with the KG801 carrier adapter (sold separately).
  • Dimensions: 52 x 34 x 36cm.
  • Capacity: 40L.
  • Maximum load: 10kg.
  • Weight: 2000g.

This model fits perfectly onto the KG801 carrier adapter. Simply slide the basket onto the carrier and it locks automatically. You can also combine the Doggy basket with pannier bags for example the KG812 Travelbag GTA.

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