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Riese & Müller Nevo

  • £3,35900


Low step-through? Doesn't sound particularly sporty, does it? But with the Nevo, you’d be surprised. The striking silhouette, expansive frame profile and hard edges promise sportiness and determination.


The placement of the battery at the front of the down tube not only enables it to be removed in no time at all, but also supports the clear and athletic design language. But it's not just the Nevo's appearance that is captivating: take it for a quick spin and you'll fall in love with its agile riding behaviour and safe handling. A dependable companion that lets you enjoy every kilometre – whether day-to-day riding or on tour.


The Nevo comes with 2 different motor options depending on the model you chose, the Bosch Active Cruise and The Bosch Performance Line CX.


Sporty dynamic start-up characteristics, 250 watts of power and a maximum drive torque of up to 63 Nm make the Performance Cruise drive a real performer. Reliable assistance up to 25 km/h and pedal assistance up to 275 % also ensure the best possible performance for active riders on any terrain.


The Bosch Performance Line CX offers up to 300 % pedal assistance, a maximum torque of 75 Nm, extremely sporty start-up characteristics and pedalling rate assistance of up to 120 rpm. With “Direct Flow” you have a powerful push on the back wheel from speeds of just 20 rpm. Whether it be uphill or on the flat, this acceleration will inspire you. Another highlight in the new Performance CX motor is the eMTB mode, which replaces the previous Sport mode (this is displayed as Sport mode on the Intuvia Display). Here, the progressive motor assistance automatically adapts to the individual riding style regardless of pedal pressure. This ensures optimum assistance at all times, which really pays off on climbs.


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