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City/Commuting eBikes

These Electric Bikes are fabulous for helping you get around the City and extended region. Suitable primarily for surfaced roads, or light Bike-Tracks and Urban trails. Typically with mudguards, racks and mostly with lights and a more comfortable riding position. Our city and commuting eBikes are sure to get you to your destination in a suitable and economic way! 

Come and have a look at them for your self in our shop, based in Brighton Marina, Sussex.

Through December and January, we have partnered up with Raleigh to offer a free couples annual National Trust membership worth £114! With every Raleigh Motus or Centros brought in-store or online, you have to opportunity to register for this offer!

To claim it, let us know in-store or put in the notes of your online purchase and we will register it for you.

This offer is only available throughout December and January. Please allow 28 days for membership to be completed.



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